Brushing up the Table 1

As I periodically do, I thought I would point to a few items.

  • Allen Mendenhall has two new posts up at The Literary Lawyer titled A Tale of the Rise of Law Part I and Part II.  From the posts: “Geoffrey of Monmouth’s The History of the Kings of Britain is a tale of the rise of law that suggests that there can be no Britain without law – indeed, that Britain, like all nation-state constructs, was law or at least a complex network of interrelated processes and procedures that we might call law. During an age with multiple sources of legal authority in Britain, The History treats law as sovereign unto itself in order to create a narrative of order and stability.”  Check them out.
  • JK Rowling news seems to be pouring out of the watershed this week.   Her publisher announced that her first post-Potter work would be released later this year.  Additionally, the anticipated Pottermore website is slated to go live in early April.
  • Dr. Seuss’s the Lorax has a message.… apparently…. the sponsors have not yet gotten though… Ironic
  • I recently found a new blog, This Ruthless World.  Check it out.
  • This week, a couple of us from the table, Mai-Linh and myself will be at the Association for the Study of Law, Culture and the Humanities conference in Fort Worth, Tx.  Please come say hello.  I mean, we won’t have a booth or anything, which means you’d have to look around.   So on second thought, Mai Linh and I will be playing hide and seek somewhere in Fort Worth, Texas beginning Thursday.  A free drink to the first one to find us.  Go.
  • Lastly, its March Madness time.  Which means that as every other year I will be poorer by about $10. I thought about constructing a bracket of writers or lawyers tied to Universities in the bracket.  Put suggestions in the comments.

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