Southern Literary Review 1

I have become the managing editor of Southern Literary Review.  We seek book reviews about Southern literature, and we’re looking for enthusiastic writers to contribute biographical profiles of landmark Southern authors.  Visit our submission guidelines.

The Southern Literary Review celebrates southern authors and their contributions to American literature.  We feature classic southern writers who have defined southern literature, such as Zora Neale Hurston and William Faulkner.  SLR also profiles and interviews modern novelists such as Tom Wolfe and Wendell Berry and emerging southern writers such as Daniel Wallace and Sue Monk Kidd.  With hundreds of pages of original content, we are dedicated to offering quality information about America’s southern authors, and their works.  Peruse our excellent book reviews on new southern novels as well as the classics of southern literature.

SLR was founded in 2004.  With an overhaul of the site in Spring 2009, SLR has now invited several contributors to join in producing fresh content on a regular basis, so there will always be something new to see here.  Julie Cantrell served as editor-in-chief for nearly two years and Adele Annesi joined as managing editor in 2011. Both Julie and Adele have recently retired. After years as dedicated contributors, Philip K. Jason and Allen Mendehall took the reigns of SLR in November, 2011. Phil is now publisher and executive editor.

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