Analogy & Metaphor: An Idiosyncratic Introduction Reply

I’ve just posted my essay, “Analogy & Metaphor: An Idiosyncratic Introduction,” at SSRN. Here’s the abstract:

This essay is an idiosyncratic introduction to analogy and metaphor. It was previously posted in two parts respectively at the Ratio Juris and The Literary Table blogs by way of an introduction to my online bibliography at Ratio Juris for analogy and metaphor. The notes immediately follow each essay, and a list of “references and further reading” is appended to the end of the paper. The section on analogy is intended in part to provoke the interest of legal theorists, while the second half, on metaphor, is aimed at a broader audience although I hope it too will be of interest to legal theorists and philosophers of law. Both pieces no doubt betray their origins in blog posts, hence they are considerably less than polished, but comments to date were generous enough for me to make the inference that they deserve to be made more widely available.

My maiden voyage with SSRN just prior to this was a revised version of a Ratio Juris post from earlier this year:  Natural Law “Externalism” v. Law as “Moral Aspiration.” I want to thank Thom Brooks for prompting me to think aloud about topics broached in his paper, “Natural Law Internalism.”

I welcome comments (and downloads!) for both papers.

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