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Warren Emerson is now on Twitter (@warrenemerson) and on Facebook (Warren Emerson).  Friend us/ Twit us and get updates to your twitter/ news feed. Relatedly, you can now post directly to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblre and others from our posts. Check out the new features.

The Literary Table on the iPad. Check out the new site on the iPad.  When you go to the Literary Table you will see a flip style app.  Just go to the and check out the magazine style flip board.

Update on the Zotero Project. I have recently updated the Zotero Project by adding a page for Robert Penn Warren. If you are not a member of the Zotero group join the group here and add to our collection!  You can also subscribe to the Literary Table’s Zotero feed here!

Lost Property and finding its owners. Watch this great video from Youtube.  This is really enjoyable.

And then its follow up:

And the conclusion:


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