Announcements: New Additions to the Zotero Project/ Call for Contributors 1

The Zotero Project. Thanks in large part to Andrew Adler’s sending a wonderfully put together bibliography, we have added some substantial resources to the Billy Budd collection at the Zotero project (and there is still more to add)!

William Faulkner. I have added a link to some recordings of William Faulkner from his days at the University of Virginia.  The Faulkner recordings are available either through iTunes or through the University of Virginia Library (which is linked through the Zotero site). They are quite intriguing.  I plan to run a series of Faulkner coming up shortly, so stay tuned.

Call For Contributors:  I have been lucky to have such wonderful and thoughtful contributors as Patrick, Allen, and Andrew at the Table.  But we would like to hear from you as well.  Drop me a line at warren[dot]emerson[at]gmail[dot]com and let me know if your interested in contributing.

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