Random Thoughts while Driving Through Arizona and New Mexico Reply

  1. Interstate 40 in Arizona is better than Interstate 40 in California.
  2. Northern Arizona is greener than I would have thought. However, its not as pretty as New Mexico.
  3. DON’T SPEED THROUGH THE NAVAJO NATION. Spotted twelve (yes 12) cops lined up ready to catch speeders.
  4. Finding a hotel in Albuquerque that takes dogs is difficult. I still can’t believe the Residence Inn wants to charge $100 non-refundable pet deposit.
  5. New Mexico does not know how to move traffic through construction. One hour to move five miles!
  6. At what point during a twelve hour drive do you defer to Christmas music to stay awake — apparently at the 10:30 mark. We’ll see if that changes since there will be another twelve hour day.
  7. I started the day listening to the Brothers Karamazov. Heard a line that I did not recall reading — Habitual Liberal Irony. I’ll have to think about that one — perhaps a post later.

Ok — That’s all for my random thoughts.

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